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Seamless Growth and Performance

CS Concerto

Scalable storage solution for agile enterprises, offering seamless expansion, improved performance, and simplified data management.

CS Concerto offers integration into a single cluster system and is ideal for data-intensive industries, it supports quick storage expansion and data migration, optimizing storage and management as businesses grow.

  • High Performance and Capacity. CS Concerto is a scale-out NAS storage system providing up to 100+ GBps Read/Write speed and over 100PB of storage. It features auto-balancing for efficient data distribution and parallel processing to enhance access efficiency. blanditiis ratione.
  • Lightning-Fast All-Flash Platform. The CS 4025B model delivers 3,400/2,000 MB/s Read/Write speed per node and 40Gb/s RDMA connections. It optimizes SSD performance and supports hybrid configurations for cost-effective data management.
  • High Scalability. CS Concerto supports both horizontal (scale-out) and vertical (scale-up) expansions. It allows up to 144 nodes and 84 disks per node, providing seamless capacity and performance scaling.
  • Complete Data Protection. CS Concerto offers multi-layer protection with RAID, Replica, Erasure Code, and Rsync, ensuring robust data protection and recovery.
  • High Availability. Designed with redundancy in mind, CS Concerto includes RAID, Replica/Erasure code, network interface trunking, and modular components for uninterrupted service and easy maintenance.
  • High Security. CS Concerto features SED (Self-Encrypting Drive) and WORM (Write Once Read Many) for secure and immutable data storage.
  • Easy Management. With EonOne management software, CS Concerto simplifies deployment and maintenance. It provides a user-friendly interface, modular design, and hybrid configuration support.

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