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EonStor DS is a high-availability SAN storage solution for enterprises, offering multiple form factors, flexible host boards, and a modular design. It features comprehensive data services and user-friendly management interfaces, ideal for SAN environments and enterprise applications like databases, virtualization, video editing, and backup. The product line is fast, flexible, and reliable, catering to various performance and budget needs.


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DS SAN Features

Powerful Solution for General Purpose

The EonStor DS 4000/3000 series are high performance solutions for enterprises with exceptional SAN transmission performance to handle large amounts of I/O even under high workloads. They can perfectly meet the storage needs of SMBs to large enterprises and effectively boost overall productivity. Besides various form factors, up to 4 sets of modular host boards are also offered to fulfill the requirements of numerous applications or architecture transformation to allow more deployment flexibility. As such, its outstanding performance, flexibility, and high expandability can easily run mainstream critical applications on the market. The DS 4000 is perfect for the performance-conscious, while the DS 3000 is ideal for the budget-conscious as it can meet all general storage needs.

Cost-effective Solution

The EonStor DS 2000/1000 are entry level enterprise solutions especially designed for SMBs and ROBOs. It provides non-stop services and complete data backup features to allow IT personnel to efficiently manage all kinds of light SAN workloads, all at an affordable price. The EonStor DS 2000/1000 come with exceptional expandability of more than 4PB storage capacity and modular host board slots, which can easily meet the needs of future data growth and architecture transformation. As such, if IOPS is the main concern, then DS 2000 will be the best choice, otherwise the DS 1000 is ideal for the budget-conscious as it can meet all general storage needs.

Massive Capacity in One Storage System

With the progression of information, the amount of enterprise data has started to grow exponentially. Infortrend's storage products can allocate system capacity according to actual requirements, and combined with high density expansion enclosures of various specifications provide TB or PB level capacity for local storage, all with just one storage system.

Boost Performance with High Bandwidth Protocol

Fast enterprise server architectures are the trend of the future. The EonStor DS supports a maximum data throughput of 11,000/5,500 MB/s and IOPS of 700K while providing numerous high speed protocols such as 16Gb/s FC and 40Gb/s iSCSI to handle various enterprise critical applications and IT deployment environments.

SANWatch—an Easy-to-use Interface for Storage Management

With the constant evolution of storage platforms, EonStor DS assists customers improve storage and service efficiency by adopting the SANWatch management software. Its multi-feature interface design allows for central management of multiple systems for IT personnel to monitor performance and capacity usage, and complete all related system configurations.

Multiple Form Factors to Choose From

Infortrend provides multiple specifications for storage systems and expansion enclosures such as 2U 12-bay, 2U 24-bay, 3U 16-bay, 4U 24-bay, etc. even in the same series, so that enterprises can choose what’s perfect for them according to their current or future needs.

Rich Host Interface in DS Family

As the range of enterprise applications is wide, the required communication interface for each application may differ. Infortrend provides rich communication interfaces such as 8Gb/s FC, 16Gb/s FC, 32Gb/s FC, 1Gb/s iSCSI, 10Gb/s iSCSI, 40Gb/s iSCSI and 12Gb/s SAS to allow complete compatibility with every application, offering a fast and reliable data transfer quality.

Cache Backup Technology

Infortrend CBM will use power provided by super capacitor and move write cache data to flash module within seconds to prevent data loss when unexpected power failures occur, and write data in the flash module back to drives after power is restored. Super capacitor can also reduce maintenance costs as it is non-volatile and does not need to be replaced periodically.

Modular Design

From power supplies, fans, controllers, to host boards, all Infortrend products adopt modular designs to lower maintenance complexity and provide fast, precise technical support and RMA services, so that your storage system is free from any down time to maintain non-stop services and increase productivity and competitiveness.

AV Optimization

Designed for AV applications, its controllers can automatically detect multiple sequential I/O operations while appropriately setting up the size of pre-read cache for each stream, prompting the caching of essential media data to provide a stable high throughput without frame drops.

Technical Specifications

EonStor DS 1000

Comprehensive Gen2 SAN storage with a SMB-friendly price

EonStor DS 1000 systems offer 2U to 4U form factors with 12-bay 16-bay, and 24-bay configurations, scalable with up to high density 60-bay expansion enclosure. SMB users depend on solid reliability, with the choice of super capacitors that provide continuous power during outages. Systems can be totally customized when placing orders, with variety of protocols, such as FC, iSCSI, SAS, InfiniBand and FCoE, for flexible hybrid interfaces.

The new DS 1000 Gen2 with support for SAS 12Gb/s drive side chip is an upgrade from Gen1's SAS 6Gb/s to remove bottlenecks and offer a faster performance

Detailed Specifications


DS 1012 Gen2

DS 1024B Gen2

DS 1016 Gen2

DS 1024 Gen2

Find EonStor DS 1000 Gen1

Form Factor

2U 12-bay

2U 24-bay

3U 16-bay

4U 24-bay


Single or dual-redundant or single upgradable to redundant

Cache Backup Techniques

Super capacitor or BBU + Flash module

(only for upgradable single-controller and dual-controller models)

Cache Memory

Default DDR3 4GB, up to 32GB

Host Board

Onboard host ports:

1GbE (RJ-45) x 8

12Gb/s SAS x 2

More host options:

16Gb/s FC x 4

32Gb/s FC x 2

1GbE (RJ-45) x 4

10GbE (SFP+) x 2

10GbE (RJ-45) x 2

25GbE (SFP28) x 2

40GbE (QSFP+) x 2

12Gb/s SAS x 2

Fibre channel supports point-to-point and switch mode.

Drive Interface

12Gb/s SAS

Supported Drives

2.5" SAS or SATA SSD

2.5" 10,000 or 15,000 RPM SAS HDD

3.5" 7,200 RPM Nearline SAS or SATA HDD

For the latest compatibility details, please refer to the EonStor DS Compatibility Matrix.

Drive Advanced Features

S.M.A.R.T. support

Automatic bad-sector reassignment

Dedicated bandwidth to each connected drive

Max. Drives Number

448 (via expansion enclosure)

RAID Options

RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 3, RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 10, RAID 30, RAID 50, RAID 60

Data Services

Default software features include:

SED (self-encrypting drives)


Snapshot: 64 per source partition; 128 per logical volume

Local replication (block-level): 4 per source volume; 16 per system

Optional software features require additional license:

SSD cache

Automated storage tiering (2 or 4 storage tiers based on drive types)

Advanced snapshot: 256 per source partition; 4,096 per logical volume

Advanced local replication (block-level): 8 per source volume; 256 per system

Advanced remote replication (block-level): 8 per source volume; 64 per system

For DS 1000/2000 Gen2 series free license

OS Support

Microsoft Windows Server 2019/2016/2012R2/2012/2008R2/2008

Windows 7 SP1

Windows 8.1

Microsoft Windows Hyper-V

Ret Hat Enterprise Linux

SUSE Linux Enterprise

Sun Solaris

Mac OS X


Citrix XenServer

OpenStack Cinder

For OS version support, please refer to the EonStor DS Compatibility Matrix.

Protocol Support

Block-level protocol: FC, iSCSI, SAS


Web-based SANWatch management software

Embedded RAIDWatch

Terminal via RS-232C

Telnet and SSH


Email, SNMP traps

Expansion Enclosure (JBOD)

JB 3012, JB 3016, JB 3024B, JB 3025B, JB 3060L

Availability and Reliability

Redundant, hot-swappable hardware modules

Device mapper support

Trunk group support

Cache Safe technology


Safety Standard

Safety: UL, BSMI, CB

Electromagnetic compatibility: CE, BSMI, FCC

Green Design

80 PLUS-certified power supplies delivering more than 80% energy efficiency

Intelligent multi-level drive spin-down

Power Supply Unit

Power supplies: redundant and hot-swappable 460W x 2 (80 PLUS Bronze)

AC voltage: 100VAC @8A to 240VAC @4A with PFC (auto-switching)

Frequency: 50-60 Hz

Power is also supplied in redundant mode, allowing the full operation with half the resources.



Operating: 5 to 40°C without BBU or CBM, 5 to 35°C with BBU or CBM

Non-operating: -40 to 60°C


Operating: sea level to 3,048m (10,000ft)

Non-operating: sea level to 12,192m (40,000ft)

Relative humidity: 5 to 95% non-condensing, operating and non-operating

Service and Support

Standard service: 3-year limited hardware warranty and 8x5 phone, web, and email support (batteries are covered under warranty for 2 years)

Warranty extension options: can extended standard service up to 5 years

Service upgrade options: replacement part dispatch on the next business day (can be upgraded to 5 years)

Advanced service: 24x7 phone, web, and email support + onsite diagnostics on the next business day (can be upgraded to 5 years)

Premium service: 24x7 phone, web, and email support + onsite diagnostics in 4 hours (can be upgraded to 5 years)

Infortrend Technical Support: FAQ, Download Center, Licensing Service and Service Request

Dimensions (W x H x D)

Without chassis ears and protrusions

2U 12-bay: 449 x 88 x 500 mm

2U 24-bay: 449 x 88 x 500 mm

3U 16-bay: 449 x 130 x 500 mm

4U 24-bay: 449 x 174.4 x 500 mm

Package Dimensions (W x H x D)

2U 12-bay: 780 x 379 x 588 mm

2U 24-bay: 780 x 340 x 588 mm

3U 16-bay: 780 x 423 x 588 mm

4U 24-bay: 780 x 465 x 588 mm

Weight (without HDDs)

2U 12-bay: 29.98 lbs (13.60 kg)

2U 24-bay: 43.17 lbs (19.58 kg)

3U 16-bay: 47.75 lbs (21.66 kg)

4U 24-bay: 60.49 lbs (27.44 kg)

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